Heidi Klum inspired by her kids

London: Supermodel Heidi Klum says her four children are her biggest inspiration and have helped her to look at her own style differently.

The 40-year-old German catwalk queen, who has four children, Leni, nine, Henry, seven, Johan, six and Lou, three, with her ex-husband Seal, tries to encourage all of them to be creative in their own way, reported Digital Spy.

"I think kids need to get their hands dirty - to paint, sculpt, create - in order to express themselves. As adults we`re told we need to colour inside the lines, but I don`t think you should ever tell a child that. Let them scribble-scrabble like crazy and see what comes out," Klum said.

"Creativity is about trying something new. We went to a French restaurant and I wanted the kids to try escargot. They did not want to eat it But they all tried it. I think that says a lot about having an open mind," she added.