Here are five lies that women tell their girlfriends

Washington: It has been revealed that women, who usually share everything under the sun with one another, tell five lies to their girlfriends when they do not want to reveal something very personal.

According to Madame Noire, a lifestyle publication, women especially lie when they want to keep things private.

The first lie is how long they really made their new man wait. As they do not want their girlfriends to know about the actual date, they just say somewhere from 3 to 6 months.

Next on the list is how much they earn, and most lie so that the question of borrowing money won’t be a factor, while others just refuse to answer.

Another lie is when a haircut has gone bad. Women would tell their girlfriends that it does not look so bad just to spare them from feeling worse.

The fourth lie comes out when the issue of what the man has bought arises. Women cover up whatever cheap gifts a man has bought them by naming a few gifts they wished he had bought.

And lastly is when they lie about their ex not being in their lives anymore. Women do so because they have discussed all the negative aspects of their ex with their girlfriends.

When they start backing their ex they keep it away from their friends, as it is difficult to go back on all the negative things they have said about him to their girlfriends.

So instead, they deny any communication, at least to see if he’s going to be in their lives for a while.


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