Here’re the top 10 worst excuses used by UK train fare dodgers!

London: Not knowing what a ticket was, thinking rail travel was free and being related to the Queen are among the top 10 worst excuses used by UK commuters for not buying a ticket on train.

The Association of Train Operating Companies, which estimates that more than 110,000 dishonest train journeys are made each day, has revealed the bizarre list for the first time.

“It’s frustrating for the vast majority of honest passengers who do pay for their ticket when fare dodgers’ selfish actions suck millions of pounds out of the railways each year,” the Daily Mail quoted David Mapp, commercial director for the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC), as saying.

“As these excuses show, there are always some people who choose to spend time thinking up an excuse rather than buying a ticket,” he said.

The top 10 worst excuses are:

1. ‘I’m related to the Queen so I don’t need a ticket’.

2. ‘I’m in the Zimbabwean SAS, on covert ops’.

3. ‘Don’t you know who I am?’

4. ‘What’s a ticket?’

5. ‘Do I need a ticket? I thought the railway was free’.

6. ‘If the ticket man doesn’t see me then I don’t need one’.

7. ‘I’m a freeman of the land. I don’t recognise the law and the law do not apply to me’.

8. ‘I thought I was a child until I was 21’

9. ‘I didn’t think you would accept my fare’

10. ‘I thought by hiding in the luggage rack you wouldn’t see me’.


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