Here's how the holy month of 'Ramazan' is celebrated!

Know how to celebrate 'Ramzan Mubarak'!

Here's how the holy month of 'Ramazan' is celebrated!
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New Delhi: The festival of Ramazan falls on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is one of the most important festivals for the Muslim community. The month-long festivity is celebrated across the globe by Muslims as they keep a strict fast over good 30 days.

It is believed that the holy book of Quran was written during this month. Thus, the people practise fasting in this month to purify their souls and seek forgiveness from Allah.

People practise fasting during daytime and are allowed to eat only after sunset. However, some section of the community is prohibited from it. People who suffer from any illness, or those who are travelling, elderly people, pregnant women and those going through their menstrual cycle are barred from keeping a fast.

Thus, people celebrate the festival lavishly by wearing new clothes, offering Namaz, eating together after sunset and greeting 'Ramazan Mubarak' which completes on the day of Eid!

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