Hilarious web addresses revealed

London: A new book has revealed some of the Internet’s most inadvertently amusing web addresses.

The home page for celebrity agent database Who Represents, is addressed www.whorepresents.com, the book titled "Slurls: They Called Their Website What?" reveals.

The volume compiles over 150 of these naively addressed "slurls", or slur URLs.

It shows how spaces, rather the lack of it, can change the meaning of a word: Big Al`s bowling alley in Vancouver named its site "I love Big Al’s" which read with spaces removed says "I love bi gals".

The list also includes names such as the Mole Station Nursery, a business in Australia selling gardening goods which took on the web name "molestationnursery" before it was changed to "molerivernursery".

"In a world without spaces we mentally insert out own. And you might not stick yours where I stick mine," the Telegraph quoted author Andy Geldman, as saying.

Another blooper, the home of Pen Island is named www.penisland.net, while Les Bocages, a British firm of tree surgeons working in France who are named after the French word for "groves" bear the web moniker "lesbocages".

Some spoofs are glaringly amusing - the Italian home page for energy company Powergen carries the address "powergenitalia".

Other funny web URLs include:

1. Experts Exchange - a site where programmers can exchange advice - is listed at www.expertsexchange.com

2. Speed of Art - an art collective - can be reached at www.speedofart.com

3. Therapist Finder - a directory for therapy services - is located at www.therapistfinder.com



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