‘Hindu’ fan tries to give flower to Duchess Kate on day out in Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Sep 14, 2012, 21:22 PM IST

London: A crazed fan, believed to be a Hindu, caused a security scare when he tried to burst into the royal car and give Kate a flower, as they were leaving Kuala Lumpur’s city centre park.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received a rapturous reception from a 10,000-strong crowd during a walkabout in the city’s centre park, where they viewed a colourful display of traditional dancing and music.

However, there was a security breach, when a fixated fan from Singapore tried to burst into the car and give the Duchess a long-stemmed flower as they left the KLCC park, the Daily Express reported.

Police, who had spotted the ethnic Indian, who is believed to be a Hindu, repeatedly popping up at the front of the crowd as the couple walked around the park, rushed to the Duchess’s aide and arrested the man.

One witness, claimed that the man got into the car and was trying to take a photograph when he was wrestled by Malaysian police.

“He was very close to the car and tried to throw a long-stemmed flower into the car,” a senior royal aide said.

“The Duchess was sitting in the car and the Duke was walking around the back of the car when this overenthusiastic fan got very close.

“The couple’s police protection officers didn’t get involved. Local Malaysian police handled it. We think he was Hindu because he had a mark on his head. The Duke and Duchess were never in any danger,” the aide added.