Hindus served meat in NJ eatery sue for ``purification`` trip to India

New York: A group of vegetarian Hindu diners have sued a restaurant in New Jersey for serving them meat-filled pastries, asking the restaurant to pay for their trip to India for a ‘cleansing ritual’.

A three-judge panel reinstated a lawsuit filed against Moghul Express, an Indian restaurant in Edison that admitted serving meat to16 Hindus, the Daily News reports.

The group`s religion bars them from eating meat, and the diners said the mix-up tainted them spiritually.

To save their souls, the group claims, they must wash themselves in the Ganges River.

They had gone to the restaurant for an India Day celebration.

Moghul Express had assured them the flaky treats were vegetarian, but after the group tasted them and complained, the kitchen admitted it mixed up their order.

A Superior Court threw the case out last year, but the diners appealed and won on Monday.


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