‘Historic’ telegram sent by Titanic survivor up on sale for £2,500

Updated: Sep 28, 2011, 19:17 PM IST

London: A scribbled note written by a survivor of the Titanic to tell his family he was alive and well has been put up on sale for 2,500 pounds.

The telegram was sent from the rescue ship Carpathia on April 18, 1912 - four days after the liner Titanic sank - to reassure the sender’s family, the Daily Mail reported.

The name ‘Carpathia’ and the date have been handwritten in pencil on the front and the charges have been handwritten in pencil and red ink on the front of the rare artefact.

The telegram, which measures 9in by 5.5in, is being offered for sale by memorabilia specialists Gotta Have It.

The Carpathia was the only ship to respond to Titanic`s distress signals and assisted as best it could in recovering survivors.