Hotel guests from Denmark are most honest: survey

Updated: Apr 17, 2013, 14:03 PM IST

New Delhi: Travelers from Nordic and Scandinavian countries have emerged as the most honest hotel guests in the world, while those from India, Mexico and Colombia admit to having the stickiest fingers, according to a survey that looked at who steals what.

Though the majority, or 65 percent, of the 8,600 international travelers polled by said they’ve never made off with items except toiletries (which are considered acceptable), that figure spiked among Danish respondents, 88 percent of whom said they leave their rooms as they found it.

The Danes were followed by the Dutch, 85 percent of whom said they’ve never nicked anything, and Norwegians at 84 percent.

Meanwhile, the most pocketed items from hotel rooms? Magazines and books, followed by linens and towels.

Interestingly, where this diverges is among Chinese guests who admitted to purloining actual furnishings and stashing everything from a lamp, clock or artwork in their suitcase.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum 38 percent of travelers from India admitted to stealing magazines and books, as did 40 percent of guests from Mexico.

That figure then spikes precipitously among guests from Colombia, with 57 percent of guests indicating they’ve likewise pilfered hotel room reading materials.

Here’s how the countries stacked up on the honesty-meter -- provided they were honest in their answers:

1. Denmark 88 percent said they’ve never pilfered any hotel property

2. Netherlands 85 percent

3. Norway 84 percent

4. Tie: Brazil, Canada (Quebec), Hong Kong, 81 percent

5. Italy 80 percent

6. Russia 79 percent

7. Tie: Taiwan, South Korea 78 percent

8. Tie: Argentina, Singapore, 77 percent

9. Ireland 75 percent

10. UK 74 percent

11. Tie: Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, Finland percent 73

12. Tie: Germany, Australia percent 72

13. France percent 71

14. Canada (excluding Quebec) percent 70

15. Tie: U.S., China percent 66

16. Sweden percent 65

17. Spain percent 64

18. India percent 62

19. Mexico percent 60

20. Colombia percent 43