House-crasher helped himself to Diddy`s food, cigars and toothbrush

Updated: Jul 07, 2012, 17:58 PM IST

London: An obsessed fan, who broke into P Diddy’s mansion in New York in March, drank his liquor, slept in his bed and even used his toothbrush, it has been revealed.

Quamine Taylor, 30, also enjoyed a feast of food and smoked the rapper’s cigars after he broke into the East Hampton palace by sneaking in through an unlocked basement door, a leading daily has reported.

Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, was away at the time.

Taylor was sentenced in Suffolk County court to time served after being unable to post 2,000-dollar bail following his April 1 arrest.

“I brought a cheesesteak, a cheesecake, a bucket of fried chicken — which I ate at the house — and drank a ‘dollar’ bottle of Hennessy and four cans of Pepsi,” he told prosecutors.

He then washed the meal down with a bottle of Hpnotiq, a vodka liquor.

According to a leading daily, he smoked three of Combs’ Dutch Masters cigars and drank a can of orange soda.

Before going to sleep in the rapper’s bed, Taylor used Combs’ soap and aftershave. Taylor has been ordered to stay away from Combs’ homes for at least five years.

The Queens resident was arrested at the sprawling home on April 1 after spending nearly 24 hours there. He was charged on trespassing and petit larceny charges. He has pulled the same stunt before having broken into the sprawling mansion in 2001.

Taylor, who has a history of mental illness, said that he’d been a frequent visitor at the property.

“I’ve actually been going to the house from time to time since 2001,” he said from cell at the Suffolk County Jail.

“I stay there a lot, but Sean gets funny sometimes about me staying there,” he added.

In his first break-in, Taylor tried to pass himself off as Combs’ cousin when cops found him intoxicated after he took a dip in the pool.

This time, Taylor claimed he was a close personal friend and even convinced security staff and police he knew Diddy after he accidentally set off an alarm in the mansion.

Taylor’s mother said that he’d grown up listening to Diddy’s music, adding: “He has a long history of mental illness, and he has been off his meds for a while.

“We have been trying to get him some help,” she said.

The break-in happened on March 31 but Taylor wasn’t arrested by police until the next day.