How Obamas’ daughters live a normal life

Washington: Despite being the daughters of US President Barack Obama, the nation’s first kids are living a normal life.

Most of the time, the Obamas said their daughters Malia, 12, and her 9-year-old sister Sasha don`t listen to the news or read the newspaper headlines; they prefer to just be kids.

"They are not watching cable TV," ABC News quoted Obama as saying in an interview.

"If they have got an option of watching the news or watching SpongeBob, I think it’s pretty clear the choice that they are gonna make," he said.

Sasha still writes to Santa, said the first lady, and like other kids, eagerly awaits the arrival of the Tooth Fairy when she loses a tooth.

However, for Malia, her father has come up in a classroom discussion of current events.

"There are issues of the day that come across the conversation. But I have to say that the school is very good about handling it. ...People are very considerate," explained the First Lady.

"But [Malia] said, ``You know, Dad, no disrespect, but...that’s what you do.`` And she said, ``That doesn’t have anything to do with me.`` She separates [it] out," she added.

Obama said that it is also interesting the listening to the girls, what they pray for.

"They’ll talk about family and thanking God for blessing us, but they’ll always add a little twist: ``I hope we have a great Thanksgiving, I can’t wait to see the cousins.`` They used to pray for a dog, until we got a dog," he said.


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