How to know if he is serious about you or not—Read top signs

Top signs of a real boyfriend!

Updated: Jul 10, 2016, 11:47 AM IST
How to know if he is serious about you or not—Read top signs

New Delhi: Oftentimes, it becomes hard to differentiate between true love and infatuation because of the thin line between them. While most times, love can feel like crush and crush can feel like love – it becomes hard to figure out if it is worth it.

So when feelings get confused, and you are in a dilemma to know whether your guy is into you like a real boyfriend and is not just a hookup, you can find out the truth with these indications. Check out:

When you kiss:

While a kiss with a hookup will only feel like two lips locking, when your boyfriend kisses you – it will be the most wonderful feeling of not just love, but emotions, care and passion.

He listens to you:

A hookup will always give a deaf ear to your talks, although pretending to be listening. Your boyfriend, who loves you deep down, will however, be all ears to you, at every single time.

The way he texts you:

A crush or hookup will write you texts which are obvious or a tad unromantic. A crush will send you boring jokes and always talk about being horny, while a serious boyfriend will give you even the smallest detail of what's happening in his life in the sweetest way.

The way he looks into your eyes:

A serious boyfriend will always look at you with eyes full of love and no matter how much you guys fight – his eyes will give it away! A non-serious boyfriend on the other hand, will fail to give that kind of touchy looks.

The way he fights with you:

While most break-ups happen for fights, fights and more fights – don't forget that only a serious boyfriend will fight with you, because he cares. A hookup, on the other hand, will ignore all your foibles and move ahead without even an argument.

Whether he meets your friends or not:

It is an obvious fact that a serious boyfriend, no matter how unprepared, will always be ready to meet your friends and be willing to face their criticisms. The one who is not serious about you will always avoid doing the same no matter how hard you convince them.