How to tell if a person is lying?

Here’s how you tell if a man is speaking lies.

How to tell if a person is lying?
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We come across a number of people in our lives, some speak the truth while others speak lies.

We often get deceived when people speak good things about us without really doubting their intentions. We get carried away with their sweet talks and seldom try to look beyond what we see or hear.

If you have befriended someone newly or are about to go on a date with someone for the first time, here’s how you can detect if the person is lying:

1)    The person will generously heap praises on you. He may know least or nothing about you. You may be elated but here’s a word of caution – ask yourself this question – why is this person going gaga over me?

2)    Focus on his or her eyes. When a person is lying, he/she will not be able to look into your eyes. Though, they may try hard to look straight into your eyes and sound convincing, but will either fumble or sound illogical.

3)    The person may keep smiling or wear over the top expressions. This could help you judge if the person is trying too hard to win your heart.

4)    The person may feel restless and hyperactive. This may happen if he makes desperate attempts to sound convincing.

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