Hugh Grant leaves Brit pub without paying his £5.45 bar tab

Updated: Apr 05, 2011, 12:40 PM IST

London: Hugh Grant is said to have left his favourite pub in Dover, England, without paying his bar tab of 5.45 pounds.

Grant, 50, had initially ordered a couple of rounds of Spitfire ale for himself and his golfing partner, and then chatted with the locals, before leaving without paying.

Landlord of The Castle Inn, Paul McMullan, assumes the actor just forgot to pay after being distracted by fellow pub goers wanting autographs.

“People normally hand over the money when they get the beer but a couple of guys at the bar asked for his autograph and I assume he got distracted,” the Daily Mail quoted McMullan as saying.

“We only charge 2.80 pounds a pint and you’d have thought with his millions he could afford it but when he started talking about how he’d been unwell I didn’t like to ask, and then he shook my hand and posed for a photo.

“If he does it all round the country then it’s a great scam to get free drinks but if this was a one off I will put it down to an honest mistake,” he said.