Hyatt leads the way in employee happiness

New York: Hyatt Hotels has the happiest staff, a new survey of hotel employees has found.

CareerBliss came to this conclusion after speaking to thousands of staff members from major hotel chains, asking them how happy they were in their job, reports the New York Daily News.

After Hyatt, Marriott scored second place, followed by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, which operates destinations such as Disneyland in California and the World Disney World Resort in Florida, the world’s largest theme park.

While Hyatt topped the rankings for benefits and career advancement, Marriott employees were found most likely to recommend their company to others.

The happiest hotel staff in North America are:

1. Hyatt

2. Marriott

3. Walt Disney

4. MGM

5. Best Western

6. Hilton Worldwide

7. Wyndham

8. Starwood

9. InterContinental

10. Accor North America