‘I am not sleeping with Prince Harry’, says Californian waitress

London: A Californian cocktail waitress, who was allegedly spotted kissing Prince Harry in a nightclub, has admitted that it was nothing more than flirting, which happened between them.

Jessica Donaldson, 26, who considers the Royal ‘a real-life Prince Charming’ insisted that he had never been anything other than a total gentleman to her.

“He is so sweet. In fact he was kind of goofy with me. I really like him but I am speaking out now because I want people to know the truth,” the Mirror quoted Donalson as saying.

“I am not sleeping with Prince Harry and he has never been anything other than a total gentleman to me.”

Donaldson expressed her disappointment over rumours that have been circulating for quite some time.

“I am very upset that all this has blown up. He is just a regular guy who enjoys a few beers with his buddies.”

“He’s really cool and down-to-earth and that’s what I liked about him. I’m flattered he showed me attention but there is nothing more to it than that.”

“I waited on his table and he was charming and ­chatty but he was charming to all the girls. He paid for two of the bottles and his friend paid for a third. Harry ­started off drinking Stella but went on to vodka.”

Donaldson, who lives with her boyfriend of three years, also claimed that it was the angle of camera, which made it look like a kiss between them.


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