I am scared of getting older: Jane Fonda

London: Actress Jane Fonda has revealed that she is afraid of getting older and dying.

The 76-year-old actress wrote in her blog that in the last few weeks and months she cannot help from bursting into tears at both happy and sad occasions, reportedly.

"How come pretty things, kind deeds, sad stories, acts of courage, good news, someone`s flax of insight, all get me crying or, at least, tearing up? I find my emotions are way more accessible than they were when I was younger and I`ve come to feel it has to do with age.

"I have become so wonderfully, terribly aware of time, of how little of it I have left; how much of it is behind me, and everything becomes so precious. With age, I am able to appreciate the beauty in small things more than when I was younger perhaps because I pay attention more.

Maybe, without my being conscious of it, there?s the reality that in a few decades (if I`m lucky) I will be in the earth, fertilizing some of the very things I look at now and tear up over," she wrote on her blog.