I`m only starting to accept his death, says late Cory Monteith`s mom

Washington: The mother of late `Glee` star Cory Monteith admitted that she has only recently begun to accept her son`s death.

During her appearance on ` Good Morning America`, Monteith`s mother, Ann McGregor said that it was terrible losing her son, 31, and she couldn`t even bear to look at his picture until three days ago, reportedly.

McGregor admitted to have been keeping contact with Monteith`s co-star and lover Lea Michele, and said that she knows Michele`s going through the same pain and sadness.

Monteith, who played Finn Hudson on Fox`s musical show, and had voluntarily checked himself into rehab, was found dead three months later in a Vancouver hotel room due to deadly intake of heroin and alcohol.

McGregor added that though she couldn`t change the decisions taken by Monteith, who had a known history of substance abuse even as a teen, she advised people in similar situation to "live every moment."