I once got booed in Nebraska for saying I was vegetarian, says Carrie Underwood

Updated: Mar 19, 2013, 18:15 PM IST

London: Carrie Underwood has said that she once got embarrassed when she told an audience in Nebraska, which has a large meat consuming population, that she is a vegetarian.

The ` American Idol ` winner, who does not get embarrassed very easily, told the Sun that she messed up once again when she was on stage once in Yakima, Washington, and she said Yamaha instead of Yakima.

When Underwood, who is married to ice hockey player Mike Fisher, was asked what was the worst present that she had ever received, she replied that a guy she was dating came over with a Walmart bag, which had flip flops, a candle and a scary movie in it, which weren`t even wrapped.

When asked about a secret that nobody knew, she said that she wore braces at the beginning of last year for three months.