I would like to be Jesus for a day, says Kim Kardashian

Melbourne: Kim Kardashian has said that she would like to be the son of God if she could swap lives with anyone in the world for 24 hours.

“Because I think it would be pretty fascinating to see the power that he had,” News.com.au quoted her, as saying.

In a question and answer session with the publication, the 31-year-old reality star managed to spill a few family secrets.

When asked about who was the best at keeping a secret, she replied, “Kourtney - she is a vault.”

When questioned about who had the best party trick, she said, “Khloe is a good party thrower and her trick is always to call our party planner, that’s the best trick calling Sharon Sack.”

She said that she is the biggest blabbermouth in the family.

“I just can’t help myself, I can’t keep secrets, only if they’re really serious of course I can, but it’s just me,” she said.

“Rob for sure. He is so gullible, you can tell him anything and he will totally believe it,” she said, while answering the question of the dumbest person in the family.

When asked who was the moodiest, she answered, “Kendall, she can be a bit moody sometimes.”

When asked who was the best poser, she said, “Probably me, they would all say it. You have to look in the mirror and pose and see what angle your face and body looks the best at.

“You have to imagine the camera there, I like my face down, some people like their face up, it just depends on how you like to visually see yourself but you have to practice,” she said.

She also said that she was the most competitive.

“Me. I’m the most competitive. That’s just my personality, I’m a competitive person,” she said.


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