I’m scared of flying: Gary Barlow

London: Singer Gary Barlow is scared of taking flights and gets more nervous when the plane takes off.

The 42-year-old feels he suffers aerophobia because he is afraid of dying, reports mirror.co.uk.

“I’m scared of flying - especially the take-off. I just don’t like it, and yet I have to do so much of it. I get really nervous," said Barlow.

“Maybe it’s because I’m scared of dying," he added.

‘The X Factor’ judge is seeking help to get over his phobia.

He said: “Someone from Virgin offered me a course that they do and I said, ‘Listen, I’ll bring 10 other people I know who are really scared.`”

“Apparently, once you’ve done it, you’re never worried again. They talk you through all the noises and explain that this thing is happening for that reason. I don’t know if its hypnotherapy or what exactly they do, but it’s meant to be brilliant and only takes an hour,” added Barlow.

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