Impulse purchases cost a girl £1K

Updated: Sep 26, 2010, 12:40 PM IST

London: It might have been a scarf worth three pounds on one shopping trip, and just a pair of shoes on another, but these little ‘impulse buys’ cost a girl 1,000 pounds a year, a poll has revealed.

A tenth regularly spend 2,500 pounds a year on seemingly irresistible items which ‘caught their eye’ while wandering through the local shopping centre.

Two out of three women forget what they actually wished to purchase, and instead, end up buying shoes, DVDs, magazines and clothes. Household decorations and books were also high on the list.

“It seems millions of women can’t help themselves when they hit the shops,” the Daily Mail quoted a spokesman for OnePoll, which conducted the survey for 2000 women.

A third confessed to buying something unplanned in a sale just so that they could say they had snared a bargain. And four out of five women admitted buying items in sales, which they would never have considered at full price.

Friends, moms and colleagues turned out to be partners in crime, named and shamed as the perfect companions for an impulsive shopping trip. The same didn’t turn out true for their better halves.