Independence Day: How to celebrate your freedom!

Independence Day: How to celebrate your freedom!
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On August 15 this year make sure that you do something different in order to make it a special one. Our country breathed independence on August 15, 1947 and since then we all have been struggling to march ahead on the path of development. We must celebrate not just one particular day but each day as an assurance to acknowledge the sacrifices made by our ancestors and the great leaders of this country to make India shackle-free.

Being patriotic and at the same time celebrating the essence of freedom can be felt the most on this day. We tell you five unique ways to celebrate I-Day this time. Make sure you do try out these simple ways to make it a memorable freedom day for you and your loved ones:

Gift an I-Day CD

It's not just on birthdays or anniversaries that you make the effort to make your loved one smile more. This time on Independence Day try out this unique way to salute your motherland. Record all the patriotic songs (at least a five of them) from Bollywood films and get in done in a CD format. Wrap it in a tri-colour ribbon pack and gift it to your loved one. We are sure, the happiness after unwrapping it would certainly be much more than any of your previous presents on birthdays. Show love for your country this time!

Buy I-Day T-shirts

What's more better than wearing your heart out, quite literally! Well, you do wear clothes with several designs on it, sometimes with a graphic image of your favourite movie star too. So, this time why not get a graphic imprint done on a T-Shirt, celebrating independence. Think about it!

I-Day Cards

Spread the message of freedom, this time not with any mobile SMS but handwritten message on a card. We are sure, the tradition of exchanging cards has been lost long back, but why not restart it all over again. Yes, buy an I-Day card from a shop or you can even make one yourself (be creative). Exchange it with your close group or family circle. Be different this I-Day!

Tri-colour look

As soon as the day breaks, make sure you are in full spirit to celebrate your independence with gusto. So, what is the most obvious way to do that? Well, try wearing a full tri-colour get-up that day. Yes! You can pep-up your look either by going traditional in a churidar salwar-kurti with tri-colour bangles or you can even try out a fusion look by adding a stole or dupatta in your attire. Try different combinations but remember to use only orange, white, blue, green in your look.

Kite flying

Yes, this is perhaps one of the oldest tradition which followed on this day—kite flying. Get hold of those tri-coloured kites at once and make sure your extra cautious with the manjha (thread) as it can give you many cuts on hand. Let the spirit of freedom fly high with these colourful tri-coloured kites in the sky. Hail the independence, countrymen!

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