Indian-origin man wins $100K for being the ‘Biggest Loser’

Kuala Lumpur: An Indian-origin man in Singapore has won 100,000 US dollars after he was crowed as the winner of ‘The Biggest Loser Asia 2’, a popular weight-loss reality TV series.

Vivega­nandam Deveraj (Raj), 24, lost 67kg from his starting weight of 144kg, making him the contestant with the highest percentage of weight loss (46.53 percent) over a six-month period.

“Being on the show has taught me that anything is possible and I want to inspire others who want to lose weight,” the Star Online quoted Raj as saying.

Raj, who was dubbed “the snake” in the competition due to his scheming ways, plans to set up a charity organisation to help combat the rising obesity rate in Singapore.

“Obesity is prevalent here, especially among young children due to their sedentary lifestyles,” he said.

“I believe I can help them with the knowledge I have now,” he added.