Inflatable tie that lets you sleep on the job!

London: A new tie that contains an inflatable cushion is the ultimate gift for weary office workers.

Tired office male workers can now fall asleep at their desk in comfort - using the new necktie.

The Pillow Tie can be blown up with one breath and, if the boss walks past, this ultimate “office sleep solution” can be deflated in seconds – and the soft blend of fabric won’t leave telltale creases on the face.

It is the same size as a normal tie but has a larger knot. A mouthpiece, pictured right, similar to those on swimming armbands, is hidden in the “arrow end” of the tie.

The makers say the inflatable tie can also be used to support your head on a train so you can snooze comfortably during the daily commute.

“It’s perfect for office workers who spend hours at their desks and want a sneaky nap,” the Daily Express quoted Ray Couch, from Utah-based Pillow Tie, as saying.

The tie, costing 14.95 pounds, goes on sale in Britain next month.