iPhone rates Jolie as ‘hottest celeb’

London: iPhone has launched a new application called Ugly Meter that rates people’s ugliness – and it has rated Angelina Jolie as the hottest celebrity.

The Ugly Meter lets users take a snap of a person’s face. It then analyses the “contours” of the face, and gives a score out of 10 and the higher the score, the more ugly the person.

Jolie scored a fantastic 2.0 out of 10. The program said Angie is “so hot” she would “make the sun jealous,” reports The Daily Star.

On the other hand, Mad Men babe Christina Hendricks scored 10 on 10, while Kate Price’s husband Alex Reid scored 8.0.

“You could walk through a haunted house and come out with a pay-check,” said the application for Reid.

New mum Dannii fared worse, pulling in a repulsive 9.8, before being told, “You’re so ugly you’d make a glass eye cry.”

However, Sherry Adhami of charity Beatbullying is worried that use of the app could get out of control in the classroom.

“If young people are already feeling vulnerable or insecure, this tool could have devastating effects. We would urge Apple to bring in more positive things for young people,” she said.

The app costs 99p to download from Apple’s App Store and requires 5.5MB of free space on the iPhone. It was develop-ed by firm The Dapper Gentle-men and users simply take a picture to score their prey.