Is 15 year old Shraddha India’s answer to Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black?

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Fifteen year old Shraddha Sharma and her 5 videos are a huge hit on YouTube. The cute looking girl has mesmerized music lovers with her enchanting voice and has a mammoth fan following online. She is being followed not only on YouTube but her ardent fans have opened a `Shraddha Sharma Fans` page on Facebook.

Going by the statistics, Shraddha’s you tube channel has over 17, 598 subscribers and is still counting. She has over 44,000 fans on Facebook and her popularity is increasing manifold every single day.

On April 30th, the teen had posted a video of hers singing the famous `Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki` originally sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan on you tube. Then, little did she know that this video of hers would turn out to be a rage among web surfers!

Since then, the songstress has uploaded 5 more videos and has a channel of her own on the website titled Shraddharockin in August. Her channel went on to become the third highest subscribed channel in India.

She is no less a celebrity now. She has also taken to Twitter to keep updating about her activities and connecting with her fans. Incredibly, one of her videos in which she is singing `Haal-e-Dil` from Emraan Hashmi’s `Murder 2`, has had more than 700,000 views.

She is probably walking on the footsteps of Canadian teen pop singer Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black, an American by making the most of YouTube for promoting her talent.

Both Justin and Rebacca have a huge fan following worldwide and our very own Sharaddha isn’t too far behind. We are sure, very soon she will be all set to give her American and Canadian counterparts a run for their money!

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