Is your dog ‘just a pet’ or family?

Wellington: A new research claims that the relationship between a dog owner and his or her dog falls under three categories.

According to, the humanist relationship is where your dog is more or less a person for the owner – they dress them up, treat it like a child and often talk to them.

Any criticism of weight or shape is considered offensive.

The second category – protectionist – is where the owner ‘respects’ their dogs - they are part of the family but are essentially still a dog so will definitely be allowed inside with the family but no way are they allowed on the couches or beds.

Protectionists may be vegetarians and respect all animals overall, for instance – cat owners or rescue dog owners.

The third one is the Dominionists.

These are people like farmers, who believe their dog serves a purpose, which is to work, or hunt and are definitely not allowed inside.

The dog is not so much part of the family but more of a provider.

However, there may be another category – pro humanist – those who are definitely not vegetarians but do love animals and think that all animals deserve a chance to live.

But they also think of their dogs as humans sometimes and have a great relationship with them like people.

This may be throwing them a ball, playing hide and seek or doing some training with them.



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