Isla Fisher nearly drowned during filming `Now You See Me`

London: Actress Isla Fisher will never perform her own stunts on a movie set again after almost drowning while shooting new film `Now You See Me`.

The `Great Gatsby` star plays an illusionist who performs underwater tricks in the film but one tank stunt went awry when chains keeping her below the surface became tangled, leaving Fisher in a very dangerous position, reported Daily Star.

"Why would Tom Cruise not get a stuntman...? It is so crazy. You`re under there, my chain got stuck; I had to really swim to the bottom (of the water tank), I couldn`t get up.

"Everyone thought I was acting fabulously; I was actually drowning. All I kept thinking about... I was picturing myself, like, having an autopsy later, bloated and gross in a swimming costume. Who wants to die in a swimming costume? There was a quick release switch and there was a stunt guy standing by with a canister of oxygen, but no one realised I was actually struggling... I just would practice at traffic lights - when it was red," she said.


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