It was so hard being nasty to Lily Collins, says Julia Roberts

London: Julia Roberts has confessed that it was difficult to act nasty opposite her young co-star Lily Collins, in the movie ‘Mirror Mirror’. The daughter of Genesis rock legend Phil Collins plays the part of Snow White in the new interpretation of the classic ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and Roberts is her evil stepmother in the movie.

“It did feel a little like being mean to Bambi,” a leading daily has quoted Roberts as saying.

And the 23-year-old felt just as awkward trading barbs with the Hollywood icon.

“Julia has that smile that everyone loves so much,” Lily said.

“It was very, very bizarre being mean to Julia Roberts,” she said.

But the scripted insults didn’t stick and soon the ‘Pretty Woman’ star was utterly won over by the relative newcomer.

“I was completely enchanted by her because she’s a very young girl and already a pro. She was such a good sport because my character was so awful and vicious to her and she was always very sweet to me,” she said.

Directed by acclaimed Indian filmmaker Tarsem Singh, this stylish movie takes the classic Snow White story and gives it a real shake up. The film still has a Prince Charming and seven dwarves, but in this version, the prince and Snow White engage in an epic sword fight and the dwarves rob the rich to feed themselves.