It’s official! Men really do hate shopping

Wellington: Men really are hopeless, and stingy, when it comes to Christmas shopping.

New research reveals that Kiwi men and women are expected to spend an average of 300 dollars each on presents this festive season – but that’s just about their only similarity when it comes to Christmas shopping.

For instance, men plan more but seem to achieve less and leave more to the last minute. Men are also much more likely to overspend just to get it done.

"They throw money at the problem," a website quoted David Thomason, planning director of advertising agency DraftFCB, who led the research project, as saying.

Six in 10 men plan which shops to visit and who to buy for. Women were slightly less organized with less than half of them having a list. But despite the preparations, men had managed only 20 percent of their expected shopping by December 2 while women were racing away, having completed more than 30 percent.

"Men just don’t like shopping as much. When they do go shopping, they spend less time at it and visit fewer shops," he said.


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