It’s official! Mums’ lives tougher than dads

London: A study has found that modern dads get all the fun jobs such as mending toys, finding batteries and teaching children to swim – while mums are left with the shopping, washing and ironing.

Researchers asked 3,000 mums and dads to list roles they believed were either theirs or their partner’s.

Dads’ jobs also include dressing the children, playing outdoors, toy assembly and teaching them to ride their bikes.

Mums’ main roles emerged as mainly domestic chores such as cooking, making packed lunches and dealing with school paperwork. They also take children for jabs and handle “dirty” tasks such as cleaning soiled clothes.

“Although dads pull their weight, the jobs they are assigned to tend to be more fun and less of the dirty work. Interestingly, men and women are agreed that mums get the roughest deal,” the Daily Express quoted Nigel Crawford, of, which ran the study, as saying.



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