Jaden Smith wore Batman costume at Kim Kardashian`s wedding

Los Angeles: Reality TV star Kris Jenner has revealed that she found Jaden Smith`s odd white Batman ensemble "genius" for daughter Kim Kardashian`s wedding.

While other guests in attendance at the lavish nuptials on May 24 opted for more conventional black-tie garb, Jenner said Will Smith`s 15-year-old son`s outfit added "humor to the night", reportedly.
"He is the greatest kid in the world. I`m very close to Jaden and he`s like one of my own, you know. He had this Batman costume on and I thought it was just genius.

"When you look at it... It sounds just crazy. (But) it was beautiful. He looked so good, and so fun, and he also has a really good sense of humor," she said.

Jaden`s ensemble also came in handy the following day as Jenner, 58, borrowed his boots to wear. "He saved my life the next day. Because I lost my suit and shoes I had gone to Florence in -- I couldn`t find my clothes. I happened to have a pair of jeans and a jacket and shirt to leave in. But I had no shoes, expect my Giuseppe Zanotti shoes that Guiseppe gave us to wear walking down the aisle, but I couldn`t wear those home.

"Jaden came walking out of the hotel and I said. `Jaden, where`s your Batman boots?`... And I borrowed them! So, Batman saved the day," she added.

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