Jake Bugg has no home

PTI| Updated: Aug 04, 2014, 11:50 AM IST

London: Singer-songwriter Jake Bugg has no permanent home apart from his tour bus.

The 20-year-old `Lightning Bolt` hitmaker says he constantly feels like he is on tour as he has no place to call home and even stays in hotels when he isn`t working, suggest reports.

"I do have a tour bus, so that`s kind of home, so I`m not homeless. I live on a tourbus. I`m probably a gypsy, not homeless," Bugg said.

"I love the tour bus and I love being on the road, but at the same time when you finish a tour, all the band and everybody goes home... But for me, I stay in hotels so it feels to me that I`m on a constant tour," he added.