James Franco doesn`t sleep!

Last Updated: Oct 06, 2013, 10:38 AM IST

London: `127 Hours` star James Franco has revealed that he doesn`t need sleep.

The 35-year-old actor is so invested in his various projects such as acting, directing, teaching film classes and his various art exhibitions, he has very little time to rest, but his hectic lifestyle eventually takes its toll and he crashes in inappropriate places, reported Daily Star.

"I don`t need sleep. And then you do enough of those (late nights) and you eventually crash - you know, odd places, on set, or in class, or wherever," he said.

Franco`s busy career leaves little room for a social life, but the `Oz the Great and Powerful` star says he has found a way to incorporate socialising into his work by surrounding himself with like-minded pals.

"Well, I mean, as far as my social life, I`ve just learned to work with the people I love. I enjoy working creatively with people much more than getting wasted with them. I guess I just used those hours at the bar to do other things," Franco said.