Jennifer Aniston house-hunting next to Brangelina pad?

London: `Friends` star Jennifer Aniston is reportedly looking for pads in Richmond, where former husband Brad Pitt and his to-be wife Angelina Jolie have a rented apartment.

Aniston, 43, is in London filming a low-budget comedy drama "Miss You Already" and her representatives have been looking for homes for her, reported Sun online.

"She hasn`t had anything to do with Brad since their 2005 divorce. But if they are both living in the same neighbourhood it could lead to awkward encounters," a source said.

Hollywood A-listers George Clooney, Johnny Depp and Sandra Bullock have had places in the same neighbourhood.

"Film stars like it because it is part of London yet has a country feel," it added.

Aniston divorced Pitt shortly after he worked with Jolie in ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’. The couple had been married for five years.

Aniston is currently dating ‘Mulholland Drive’ actor Justin Theroux.