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Jennifer Lawrence is scared of spiders

Updated: Mar 23, 2012, 08:28 AM IST

London: Actress Jennifer Lawrence was terrified of spiders and asked someone to remove them when she was about to climb a tree in `The Hunger Games`.

The Oscar-nominated actress is so terrified of the eight legged creatures that she had to make sure any trees she was climbing were cleared of them.

But Jennifer thinks she may have just been lied to many times when she asked if it was done, reports

"The worst part about tree-climbing is the spiders. My biggest fear. I mean, we had bears, we had wolves, snakes, poison ivy, everything. Nothing got to me as much as spiders. And like daddy long legs - it doesn`t matter how harmless they are, I`m terrified," the actress told

"So they used to clean the spiders off the tree before I got up there. They`d be like, `Yeah, yeah, we`ve got a spider killer up there.` And they would just lie to me and I`d be like, ok," she said.