Jennifer Lopez avoid breaks to avert career stagnation?

Los Angeles: Jennifer Lopez reportedly avoids taking a break from work because she fears if she will take time off, her career will "be over".

The singer, who has five-year-old twins Max and Emme with ex-husband Marc Anthony, is always working on new projects and ideas, but her busy schedule makes some people around her uncomfortable, reportedly.

"Jennifer is constantly working, 24 hours a day. She makes phone calls at all hours of the night. She`ll have an idea and work non-stop until it happens. That kind of work ethic is why she`s had success, but it`s hard for people to deal with," said a source.

"She`s afraid that if she takes time off it will all be over. She actually took a break when she was with Marc Anthony and had the kids. Her career kind of stalled. She freaked out.

She got everything back up and running because she was afraid. She feels that if she`s not on top of everything it will go away," the source added.