Jenny McCarthy`s son got bullied during summer camp

Los Angeles: Jenny McCarthy has revealed that her 12-year-old son Evan got bullied at a summer camp but because of his autism he did not realise this.

`The View` star has been left wondering whether to tell the truth to her son or let him be, reportedly.

"My son`s main goal is to make as many friends as possible. They`re laughing at him but he laughs too. I said, `You have to find the kids that like you and are nice to you. Who do you sit next to in the cafeteria?` And he said, `No one. I ask, and they say no.` "

In some ways, McCarthy is relieved Evan is unaware he`s being ostracized. "It`s so wonderful that he`s not aware that kids are making fun of him. But at what point do I need to teach him that?. Evan told me, `They ask me to put bugs down my pants and I do it and they laugh.` He thinks it`s funny. Do I just let him be? At what point does it stop? In high school they`ll be like, `Here drink this?` `Okay!`," McCarthy said.

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