Jessie J gives up alcohol

London: Singer Jessie J cut out alcohol last year as she doesn`t like the feeling of being tired or hungover.

The 25-year-old `Wild` singer can remember the exact date she last touched booze and says she only drinks on very special occasions, reported Contactmusic.

"Even one glass of wine every now and again used to just make me tired. Made my skin tired, made my voice tired. How crap would (people`s) day be if I turned up hungover and miserable and not wanting to talk?" she said.

The singer also said she is no diva and doesn`t have any household help.

"I do my own washing, I`ve got to empty the dishwasher, I need to clean my fridge and love having ironing to do. I am normal, I go into my house and I want to tidy up, hang pictures on the wall and the boiler man`s coming. I`ve got to take my dog to the vet," Jessie said.