JF Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe rendezvous house on sale

Updated: Apr 29, 2012, 14:46 PM IST

London: The Californian house where Hollywood siren Marilyn Monroe and President John F Kennedy once conducted their illicit affair has gone on the market for USD 12 million.

The house is situated forty miles outside Los Angleles and was once sub-let by Monroe and Kennedy`s mutual friend Frank Sinatra in the 1960`s, reported Daily Mail online.

While Monroe was a regular guest at the leader`s minimalist steel and glass home, rumours abound that Kennedy was also a frequent visitor at this house to conduct his extra-marital trysts.

Monroe reportedly stayed in a 1,000 square-foot, one bedroom guesthouse on the 13.5 acre property and she would "entertain the former president" after their affair supposedly began in 1961.

The house has been the scene of "many a Hollywood glamour night". Finished in 1951, the home played host to glamourous parties featuring actors and actresses from Hollywood`s golden era like Lucille Ball and Ava Gardner.

Sinatra leased the home for a decade in the late 1950s and hosted his own bashes. The singer left the home in the late 1960s and it remained empty until its current owners restored it to its original condition.

In recent years a list of celebrities have used the home, such as Usher in his music video `Burn`, TV series `Mad Men` and Oscar-winning film ‘Dream Girls’.

The home was designed by renowned architects Pereira and Luckman. The main house comprises of a 6,661 square foot residence. The USD 12 million dollar home has parking space for 200 cars.