Jude Law insists he’s now a prude

London: Jude Law says that he has put his womanising ways behind him.

The screen star wed Sadie Frost in 1997 and went on to have three kids. But they divorced six years later.

He hooked up with Sienna Miller on the set of movie re-make Alfie.

But despite an engagement they parted ways in 2006 after he was caught bedding his children`s former nanny.

After that, he was linked to Rod Stewart`s daughter Kimberly, and actress Cameron Diaz.

And his 2008 tryst with US model Samantha Burke produced a child, Sophie, who was born last September.

But since reuniting with Sienna while appearing on Broadway in New York, Law says that he’s a changed man.

And he puts the health of his relationship down to a new outlook on life.

"Eventually, you have to grow up and realize relationships are hard work. It`s like cultivating anything. They need attention," the Sun quoted him as saying.

Law insists that influence of all his kids has also been a powerful factor in his decision to finally settle down.

"Being a daddy is what counts. My new daughter made me realise that if there`s anything that`s going to make a man of you, it`s having your will broken by a little girl," he added.