Julia Roberts once served ‘chocolate crickets’ to pals

Updated: Jul 18, 2010, 18:30 PM IST

Wellington: Julia Roberts, who loves experimenting with unusual food, once served chocolate-covered crickets to her friends at a dinner party, it has emerged.

The Hollywood star has grown fond of the sweet treats after testing them with another group of pals.

Roberts then decided to see how they would go down at a recent party she held at her home, but didn’t realize how horrified her guests were.

"Julia is earthy and is always trying out new things, like ostrich burgers and homemade marmalade, on her unsuspecting friends," Stuff.co.nz quoted a source as saying.

The source added: "Not everyone shares Julia’s taste, though. When she brought out the chocolate-covered crickets, you could hear the gasps. But she loves them!"

The 42-year-old failed to notice her friends’ disgust, and began tucking into the treats. She continued throughout the evening, not bothered that she was the only one snacking.

"She was popping them in her mouth one after the other," the onlooker laughed. "A few guests cringed as Julia happily munched away.”