Justin Bieber car chase paparazzo faces multiple charges

Los Angeles: A photographer, who was involved in the high-speed chase of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber earlier this month, has been slapped with four criminal charges.

The alleged ringleader in the car chase is 30-year-old Paul Raef.

According to officials, the freelance paparazzo caused dangerous situation on the road by speeding "in excess of 80 miles per hour across all lanes and even, at times, on the shoulder," reported Ace Showbiz.

Raef has been charged with four counts for following another vehicle too closely, reckless driving with the intent to capture pictures for commercial gain, reckless driving, and failing to obey the lawful order of a peace officer.

It is the first case filed under the new paparazzi law that prohibits someone from driving recklessly while following celebrity for profit.
Bieber, 18, was cited for speeding when driving his hybrid Fisker Karma in excess of 65 mph on a 101 highway in California on July 6 to shake off a group of paparazzi that followed him.

He was pulled over for a second time after calling 911 to ask for help when one shutterbug continued tailing him. The paparazzo reportedly got away from getting ticketed back then.

In addition to getting multiple charges, Raef is staring down at a harassment complaint filed by Bieber for persistently pursuing his car.