Justin Bieber`s mum Pattie Mallette opens up about his behaviour

Washington: Justin Bieber`s mother Pattie Mallette has admitted that her son doesn`t always do the right thing.

Following a list of controversial antics during the last few months by the 19-year-old, Mallette told Watch What Happens Live that she is not naive to think that her child is perfect and making all the best decisions of his life, People magazine reported.

er defensive comments came after Bieber`s recent controversial acts, like the release of a video showing the pop singer urinating into a mop bucket and yelling an expletive at a photo of former president Bill Clinton , collapsing on stage during a concert in London, appearing on stage at a show two hours after his scheduled performance time, etc.

Mallette said that Bieber knows about what she disagrees with and he knows all the things that she is really proud of him for, too.

Defending her child, she said that every night before a show, he meets with Make-a-Wish kids, goes to sick kids` hospitals and gives back to charities.

She also told ET Canada that she just deals with whatever comes up.