Justin Bieber suffers concussion after walking into glass wall

Updated: Jun 01, 2012, 16:11 PM IST

Washington: Justin Bieber is “taking it easy” after suffering a concussion, as he walked into a glass wall backstage during his concert in Paris on Thursday.

The teen popstar managed to complete his set on stage, but passed out briefly in his dressing room afterwards.

Doctors said that the ‘Baby’ hitmaker suffered a concussion, but he has since reassured fans that he is fine, TMZ.com reported.

“Just smacked my head and needed some water. All good. I’m Canadian. We are tough. LOL. It’s all good. Just gotta take it easy the rest of the night. Back at it again for you guys tomorrow. Thanks,” Contactmusic quoted him as tweeting.

The news of his accident reached his fans before his own mother.

“The fact you all knew what happened before my mom even did is impressive. LOL. I have amazing fans. Very grateful for your love,” he wrote.

This isn’t the first time Bieber has hit his head walking into glass. He was caught on camera walking into a revolving glass door in May 2010 and he made a joke about getting his revenge.

“I will see u again glass. I will have my revenge. Bieber vs glass. MGM Las Vegas 2013. LOL. Gotta Laugh At Yourself,” he wrote at that time.