Justin Timberlake sings `happy birthday` to 8yr old autistic boy at concert

Washington: Justin Timberlake recently stopped his concert in California in order to sing `happy birthday` to an 8 year old autistic boy.

Marika Rosenthal Delan, took her 8-year-old son, Julian Delan, to see Justin Timberlake, his favorite artist, in San Jose, California at his eighth birthday, a magazine reported.

Delan`s mother initially worried that her son`s excited yelling "it`s my birthday! This is my present! I love you JT!" might get on the people`s nerves, but instead, the crowd around her banded together to grab the 33-year-old`s singer attention and after he took notice, he led the 25,000 fans in singing "happy birthday" to the boy.

Rosenthal Delan wrote "thank you" on The Manifest Station for showing her that she was wrong about what the world would do when they saw her son and appreciated the gesture.

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