Kaitlin Olson hospitalised after on-set injury

London: Actress Kaitlin Olson was recently hospitalised after injuring herself on the set of her hit TV comedy `It`s Always Sunny In Philadelphia`.

Olson was filming a scene alongside her husband and co-creator of the series, Rob McElhenney, when she slipped and cut her leg open, reported Contactmusic.

"I got a big gash on my leg at work... We were shooting in this old abandoned warehouse... It was a scene between Rob, my husband, and myself, and I was playing a cop and Rob was playing (Roger) Murtaugh, who in the `Lethal Weapon` movies is played by Danny Glover," Olson said.

"And I come running in and I`m supposed to stop and our first take I stop, and my leg goes through something and I`m on the ground and I look, and it`s this metal grate that went in my leg. It was really bad, it sliced it open, so it was a 911 (emergency) situation," she added.