Kal Penn finds ‘White House job’ more fulfilling than Hollywood

Updated: Dec 22, 2012, 14:16 PM IST

Washington: Hollywood actor Kal Penn is used to shuttling between his movie business and working in President Barack Obama’s administration, but apparently finds his job at the White House ‘most fulfilling’.

Penn saw his move away from Hollywood and to the White House as a great way to serve, as he said he was “taking a risk and putting his career on hold for two years.” However, Hollywood, in the form of its chief chronicler, Deadline.com, says Penn “has regained his stride nicely” and says “Post-White House, Business Is Good For Kal Penn,” Politico reports.

According to the report, Penn, who became a household name thanks to his roles in the `Harold & Kumar` movies and the Fox drama, `House`, joined the Obama administration in 2009 as an associate direction in its Office of Public Engagement and has bounced back between D.C. and L.A. ever since.

Most recently, he served as a co-chairman of the Obama for America national campaign and said this summer that, while “the two towns are very similar,” his work in the White House was “the most challenging and also the most fulfilling,” the report said.

Penn’s recent acting résumé proudly boats of `How I Met Your Mother` and the Discovery Channel’s `The Big Brain Theory`. He’s also involved in three feature films, `The Sisterhood of Night`, `Dementamania` and `Late Bloomer`, the report added.