Kamasutra could make you a victim of a hack attack

Washington: According to a security research firm, the Kamasutra might make you a victim of computer hackers.

Security research firm Sophos has said that a Powerpoint file demonstrating more than a dozen different sexual positions is malware in disguise.

The file, called ‘Real kamasutra.pps.exe,’ masquerades as a legitimate PowerPoint deck but the minute you open the file to browse, your computer runs a program that lets hackers remotely control your computer.

"It``s interesting, obviously, because of the rather old-school technique of trying to get you to click on the file by appealing to the cave man inside everybody," ABC News quoted Graham Clulely, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, as saying.

Hackers can then access your every computer file, watch your every keystroke, steal your passwords to online bank accounts and steal your identity.

Clulely suggested that users be suspicious of unsolicited messages, especially those with attachments.

"Something like this arriving out of the blue, all your alarm bells should be ringing," he said.

"Think with your brain, not with your trousers."


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